Alodene Lewis – Owner/Manager

Born and raised in Jamaica, Alodene has called
Kelowna home for 8 years. Already a certified
Early Childhood Educator (ECE) from Jamaica
and awarded teacher of the year she went to
Vancouver Career College in Kelowna to redo
her ECE course, where she was able to attain
her license and continue teaching.
Alodene is a child of God who volunteers in the
Children ministry at Kelowna Gospel Fellowship
where she has been a member for over 5 years.
She has also organized Vacation Bible Schools
(VBS) and summer camps for 3 years. So when
the opportunity to start her own daycare came
up, she immediately capitalized on it, seeing
that she has been teaching for over 18 years.
During those years she worked with children
from Infants to grade 2, including children with
learning disabilities.
Her philosophy is that children should receive
the highest quality care possible, which was her
main reason to take over the Lil Cottage
Educational Daycare.
Alodene is a devoted wife to Neil and mother
to Jethro and Zamar. She loves to spend time
with her family, while enjoying her hobbies of
reading, dancing, listening to gospel music and
helping others.

Financial/Technical Operations Manager

Neil is here to help you out with any questions that you may have regarding Monthly Daycare Fees, discounts and credits, and Childcare Subsidy information.